Workshop 2019: Doing Research in Humanities in Taiwan

Students will learn about obstacles and difficulties while doing an academic research in humanities in Taiwan. Five lectures with research focus on  Taiwan will share their experience
and tricks how to avoid difficult situations and get a research successfully done.

20. 8. 2019

Bez popisku

“Doing Fieldwork Research in Humanities in Taiwan“ is free to attend and open to
all. To register to attend this year's Summer School, please complete our registration form: Deadline for registration is 28.8.2019.

Students’ presentations: 
Each student will prepare a ten-minute research project presentation, which will include his/her area of research and problems or questions they faced while preparing/doing this research.
A draft of the presentation has to done by 28th of August and send to this email address:
Presentations will be then redistributed among the workshop lectures according by the area of research and the lectures will get back to the students with their recommendations. During the workshop week, each student will present their research project, the lecturers will provide a guideline how to deal with those specific problems and open a discussion during workshop sessions.
If you have a preferred date of presentation, let us know, we will try to accommodate your request. 
In case you have further questions regarding the presentations, do not hesitate to contact us on the same email address.

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