Student Workshop on Taiwan at the University of Ottawa

20. 9. 2018

The Research Chair in Taiwanese Studies at the University of Ottawa invites you to a workshop in Ottawa for young scholars who do research related to Taiwan. This event will take place November 9th and 10th of 2018. We are also planning to have a well-known expert on Taiwanese affairs to give a keynote for the event. Students at all levels are welcome and the research need not be finalized or advanced. The purpose of this event is to share our mutual interest in the politics, society, economy, culture, history, etc. of Taiwan.

Students who are interested are invited to send a 250-word summary of their presentation by September 30th to Alexandre Syvrais-Gallant at The deadline for more advanced version of their paper and any electronic presentation materials, such as PowerPoints, is October 31st. The Chair will provide students who are coming from other cities with an allowance that will cover the price of travel, at reasonable fares, and accommodations for two nights. These details will also be finalized in the weeks to come and more information will be available shortly.

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