Dr. Barabantseva (University of Manchester) povede kurz na našem semináři

17. 10. 2022

This week starts an intensive course: “Borders in China” at the Department of Chinese Studies. The course is taught be Dr. Elena Barabantseva from the University of Manchester.

The course aims to examine the historical, political, social and cultural construction of borders in contemporary China (the focus is on the People’s Republic of China) from a critical perspective. A critical perspective in the context of this module means interrogating borders beyond their traditional territorial meaning. Throughout the course the students will gain a greater understanding of how political power works to construct and shape borders around and within Chinese society, marginal sites and groups, the relations between majority and minority groups through the dialogical logic of exclusion and inclusion along the markers of ethnicity, gender, class, race, religion, and culture. In particular, the conceptual links between borders and identities, gender, race, family, population and citizenship, and the processes of migration, mobility, diasporic formations, border-crossing, and internal migration will be examined.

Dr. Elena Barabantseva’s research interests lie at the intersection of borders, identity, migration, intimacy, and citizenship in the context of globalizing China. Her current research focuses on marriage migration and governing issues in the context of China's borders with Russia.

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