Děkujeme našim báječným lektorkám, které u nás strávily podzimní semestr 2018. V jarním semestru 2019 budeme mít lektorek rovnou 12. Těšíme se. :)

13. 3. 2019

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Bez popisku

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Yu Chun Yu

Teaching Chinese is challenging and interesting. I always can learn a
lot from my students. They will show me their culture about their country. And
through the teaching, I can know what I lose and where I should reinforce.

In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends. If we have more than two
days holiday, we always plan to see the different city to know more about the
world. And I always like to watch movies, watching movies always give me a lot
of inspiration and thoughts.

Su Yu-huei

I think Chinese culture is mysterious and has cultural connotations. Chinese is a little bit different from other languages because Chinese is ideogram language and English is logogram language. This makes Chinese characters more beautiful and very special.

I want more and more people to understand the characteristics of Chinese culture.

In my free time, I usually like to read books, watch movies and write. Especially writing is my favourite. Reading novels, reading poetry and scripts, and watching good movies or dramas help me think about writing.

I also like to travel to other countries, experience different cultural, and make foreign friends.

Wu Minghua 

I love exotic culture, just like I am fond of sharing Chinese culture. Be a teacher who teaches Chinese as second language can lead people to contact other cultures when better understanding their own culture. It also provides me with the chance to share cultural similarities and differences with my students.

I like traveling when I have free time. I love to go travel because it broadens the mind and I can make new friends. I believe "Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times."

Lee Hsin Pei

The reason I want to teach Chinese as a foreign language, is I really want all
of the students can enjoy learning Chinese, Chinese is a beautiful, mystery, and
deeper language, if you learn more you will fall in love with Chinese.

I always like to listen to several different kinds of music and I like to go
to travel in my free time.

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