Bachelor’s Degree Studies

Degree programme specification

Degree programme specification

Bachelor’s Degree Studies in Chinese Studies gives students a knowledge of Modern Chinese on the level B-1 SERR and a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese culture, both modern and traditional. Graduates are conversant with all basic areas of Chinese culture and understand the complex inter-connections within this culture. Graduates are also able to see Chinese culture in a global context and comprehend and interpret the social and political events and processes that shape contemporary China and determine its place in the world. Language learning is an important part of the studies. The programme offers an intensive, three-year course in Chinese, covering all basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Students on this programme are advised to spend at least one semester in China on a study visit. The programme gives students the language and cultural competencies that enable them to communicate in an informed and effective manner in the Chinese cultural environment.

Graduate destination

Graduates find employment in positions of co-ordinators of Chinese-Czech projects, foreign trade, diplomacy, translation and interpreting, and as Chinese language teachers.

Study options

Study options

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

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Final state exam

A student may sit the State Bachelor’s Examination after obtaining the required number of credits in the given structure (the achieved results can be continuously monitored using the IS MU control templates).

The study is completed by a successful outcome in the State Bachelor’s Examination, which certifies the overall competence of the student in the field. The exam consists of the following parts:

The History of Chinese Literature

The History of China

The History of Chinese Thought

Chinese language

Bachelor’s thesis defence

The defence of a Bachelor’s thesis is usually a part of the state examination, but it may also take place in another term. At least three days before the defence, the student receives the assessment reports prepared by the supervisor and the second reader.

For the state bachelor’s exam, the student is obliged to apply through IS MU. In addition, the student is required to request the Study Department of the Faculty of Arts to issue a certificate confirming that the study programme has been fulfilled and to submit it to the Chinese Studies Seminar no later than the day of the state examination. Without this confirmation, a student is not eligible to sit the state examination.

The State Bachelor’s Examination is an oral exam and is held in front of a committee of at least three members. After being assigned the questions for all parts of the examination, the student is entitled to a reasonable time to prepare. The exam is evaluated collectively, in the case of failure in one part, the whole exam needs to be repeated. The thesis defence is evaluated separately.

Bachelor thesis

When writing the thesis, follow the faculty’s instructions.

  •  the scope of work is determined by the number of characters (not by a ‘standard-page’ of 30 lines of 60 characters or the number of paper sheets), the scope of the text, notes, and content. The supervisor decides on the inclusion of the appendices. The bibliography, title page, and testimony to the authorship of the work are not included. The recommended number of characters for a bachelor’s thesis is 70,000 characters, a master’s diploma thesis requires 140,000 characters, and 180,000 characters are required for a doctoral dissertation.
  • double-sided printing is optional, while ensuring legibility on both sides (print quality, blank space along the spine)
  • the work must be submitted in a non-detachable binding or in a binding so as to prevent further handling of the individual sheets (taped and stamped)
  • two copies are submitted, one is kept at the faculty for archiving, the other is returned to the student after a successful defence
  • instructions and page layout, see attachment
  • printing of the text on the title of the binding, see the first page of the sample bachelor’s thesis

The work must be submitted in two bound copies at the secretariat of the Chinese Studies Seminar of the Faculty of Arts. At the same time, the full text of the work is submitted in the relevant IS MU folder. The work is accepted to be defended upon the supervisor granting the credit.

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